Xander Soren Wines began as a highly personal project, reflecting Xander’s love of Japanese culture, and cuisine. Working with some of the most iconic cool climate pinot noir vineyards throughout California, our wines are handcrafted in an elegant, old-world style that’s ideal for pairing with the most sophisticated Japanese dishes.

Our wines were previously only available in Japan, where they’ve been embraced by top chefs, sommeliers, and hotels throughout the country. Now available in the US in highly limited quantities, Xander Soren Wines are offered exclusively to our membership list, and select fine dining restaurants.

Prior to releasing his wine brand, Xander spent over 20 years working on digital music technology with Apple, where he was the co-creator of GarageBand, and contributed to iTunes, iPod and iPhone product development. As a musician himself, he plays guitar and bass, and finds subtle ways to continue to incorporate music into his wine journey.

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Photos by Margot Duane

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